In Araribóia Indigenous Land in Maranhão state, Brazil:


Anonymous, App Ambassador

Our app ambassador, Indigenous of the Guajajara people, directs our monitoring of territory within Araribóia indigenous land for violations and infractions. They also work within local communities, raising awareness of their legal rights and of AmazoniAlerta’s activities. They remain anonymous for their safety.


In Brazil:


Carol Santana, Legal Director

Carol directs both our overall and legal strategy. With over 10 years of experience at FUNAI, Carol is a specialist in the rights of uncontacted indigenous peoples. She acts as legal advisor to Human Rights Watch on Isolated and Initial Contact Indigenous Peoples (OPI) and also provides occasional legal advice to Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB). She also serves on the Indigenous Rights: Access to Justice and Procedural Singularities - Working Group at the National Council of Justice, Brazil (CNJ. She has a Masters degree inis a master of State Theory and Constitutional Law and currently a Ph.D. student in law at the University of Brasília.


Kari Guajajara, Strategic Partnerships Director

Kari works on our legal actions and directs our partnerships within Indigenous communities. Kari is Indigenous of the Guajajara people of the Araribóia indigenous land and based in the city of Amarante, next to the Araribóia indigenous land. She is master in Constitutional Law and she is also a legal advisor to COAPIMA - the Coordination of the Indigenous Peoples of Maranhão and also serves on the Indigenous Rights: Access to Justice and Procedural Singularities - Working Group at the National Council of Justice, Brazil (CNJ). Kari has a Masters in Law from the University of Brasilia.


Priscila Colodeti, Executive Secretary

Eduardo E. Schenberg, Founder & Director

André Salem, Blockforce, Chief Technology Officer


In Europe:


Thomas Hamre, Operations Director

Nick Hackworth, Fundraising & Communications Director





Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter

Ruth Powys & Ganesh Ramani

Derrick and Hannah D’Souza

Nick Hackworth

James Wilcox

Andreas Sigefried

Pippa & Johnny Hornby

Paradise Row Projects

Ka’a Body (Sandra Benites & Anita Ekman and all participating artists)

Shezad Dawood

Billy Fraser





AmazoniAlerta’s logo is designed by Daiara Hori Figueroa Sampaio - Duhigô, of the Tukano indigenous people - Yé’pá Mahsã, Eremiri Hausiro Parameri clan of the Upper Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon, born in São Paulo. Daiara is an artist, activist, educator and communicator.

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Video and all images (except on the Donate page) by Victor Moriyama. One of Brazil’s foremost photojournalists, Victor is committed to documenting the violence that prevails in social and environmental relations in the country. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Bloomberg, Le Monde, National Geographic Brasil and El Pais.

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Image on Donate page by Guta Galli. Guta is a Brazilian interdisciplinary artist and performer.

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