Data is Power.

Everyone knows that the Amazon is being destroyed.

No-one knows the facts about the thousands of individual attacks on Amazonian lands and people that, year-on-year, add up to this catastrophe.

Almost all go unreported.

AmazoniAlerta exists to gather incontrovertible data on these myriad attacks and tactically use that data to help prevent further attacks.

AmazoniAlerta is a smartphone app designed with and for the indigenous people of the Amazon*.

The app enables the indigenous people of the Amazon*, for the first time in their history, en masse, to record and share, securely, anonymously and immediately, critical data on attacks on them and the forest. These attacks include; land invasions; illegal fires; illegal mining, illegal logging and deforestation; and assaults and killings.

On encountering evidence of such attacks and infractions, users take photos or videos through the app, which automatically geolocates and timestamps, identify the kind of attack from a menu of options and upload the ‘alert’ to AmazoniAlerta’s platform.

All data in our platform is protected using blockchain cryptography, meaning the information is decentralised, incorruptible and indestructible, maximizing its evidentiary and instrumental value.

There is sufficient smartphone ownership and usage in frontline Amazonian communities to make AmazoniAlerta a viable initiative.

AmazoniAlerta selects critical, relevant data, gathered through the app, and deploys it tactically with the aim of ultimately effecting positive change on the ground.

We supply data to select lawyers to support legal action that protects the lands and legal rights of indigenous people* and to journalists to inform their reporting of the destruction of the Amazon.

We believe that a sustained campaign, detailing the incessant attacks on the Amazon, can provoke public opinion to motivate governments across the world to pressurize Brazil into policy change and shame corporations complicit in the destruction.

After a year of development and testing the AmazoniAlerta app was soft-launched in selected communities in the Amazon in April 2021.

Click here for our interactive map of published alerts.